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Security is a big concern today but are you protected? As technology grows bigger,  the chances of you getting hacked increase. Chester Jones Technology can help clog some of the gaps to make sure you and your families feel safer online.


We can give you affordable options on antivirus and anti spyware protection. We also have information on firewalls and why you should have them. We can also provide you with information on how you and your family can bank and shop online much safer than with just having antivirus software.



Most people do not realize that there are so many security flaws in their computer. Most of the time one security software cannot protect you from all the risks that are out there. It may protect you from one thing but not another. 




Norse Corp and IP Viking have set up honey pots across the country. Honey pots are a fake device that looks like legit equipment that lures hackers into trying to brake in. Below is a live interactive map of real time activity happening across the world where hackers are trying to infect machines. If all of these fake honey pots are being attacked, think about all the real equipment around the country that is not being monitored that is being attacked.



Do not be tricked into letting your bank or your favorite internet store tell you their website is secure. The fact is, their website could be secure but hackers can still get your information before your bank even gets it. I know by now you are asking yourself how. Well, you could have spyware hidden on your computer hard drive. Spyware is a type of software that monitors your computer for information and sends it to another entity without the consent of the rightful owner. Banks and online stores can install encryption on their services but that will not stop spyware on your personal machine from stealing it. Remember before you bank, buy something online, or enter any private information, you want to always hide from the spyware instead of the spyware hiding from you.



Did you know that there is no antivirus program that is perfect? There are new viruses that come out every day and until they start infecting people’s computers antivirus companies will never know that they exist. A lot of people do not realize there options before getting an antivirus and malware protection. The fact is you could be getting ripped off. Whether you are a home user or a business user there are plenty of options you should consider before going out and buying protection. We also recommend that you contact us if you think you have a virus and have to pay to get rid of it. There are a lot of scams out there that will trick you into paying to remove a virus and they will just run with your money.



Did you know that most machines come with firewalls?  A firewall helps to keep hackers out of your computer. It is recommended that you keep check on yours to make sure it is always on. In some cases it is good to have an extra firewall. We will try our best to help you in your decision on what options is best for your needs. 



Keeping your computer up to date with the latest software and security updates is another important process in keeping your computer secure. Updates help fill in the gaps that leave your computer vulnerable for hackers to attack. Updates can consist of Windows updates or updates of third party software.



Downloading an attachment from an email or software from a third party website could be dangerous to your computer. It could contain some type of virus. When downloading software from any source make sure that you are only installing the software you want and not any additional software that could be malicious. If an email, a website, or software looks suspicious it probably is. There are ways to check if a file or a website through several databases to help make a decision on how dangerous it is. There are steps you can take to help see if an email is real or fake.



It can be aggravating to try and remember several passwords. It is recommended that you use a different password for everything that you do. This way, if a hacker gets hold of one of your passwords, he will not be able to get into anything else with the other passwords.



One of the biggest ways other than spyware that hackers use to steal information is by phishing. Phishing is where a hacker will create a fake website that looks identical to the one you are trying to access. In most cases the easiest way to tell them apart is to look at the web address on your browser and make sure it has the right address of the place you are trying to access. Sometimes hackers will use a zero for the letter o and do the same for some of the other characters so make sure you look it over good before entering in information.



In some occasions it is important to back up your data. There are different options on how to back up your data and keep it secure. We will try and help you make the right decision on what options are best for you.



Wi-Fi is something that just about everyone uses but most people do not understand how to keep themselves protected while using it. Public wifi is one of the most unsecure ways of using the internet. Some people do not understand how easy it is to steal information off internet connection. A lot of people have heard that using public wifi is not safe but they do not understand how it is not.  But did you know that hooking up to a wired connection in a public place could be very dangerous. Since there is no password on the connection, hackers can log on to the wifi connection run software and sniff out information that is being travelled over the router to cyber space. This is also why it is recommended that everyone should make sure that their own private home connection has a password for connecting to wifi and all  Ethernet ports are not easy accessible. Another danger to private and public internet connections is that, if a hacker can get access to the router they can hide the wireless broadcast and create their own hotspot that looks the same as the legit one and steal your information.

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