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Home Movies is something that is irreplaceable. Without some form of a digital copy you are more likely to lose all your precious memories. By using Chester Jones home movies service, we can help keep that from happening.

​​ WHY

Everything has gone digital. I am sure that even your car has a computer in it. A lot of older films that used to use a projector have been lost or are no longer playable. As technology advances, projectors are becoming obsolete and hard to find. Today, VHS tapes are the same way. In extension, it is getting harder everyday to buy a VCR. Taking steps to turning your VHS tapes into a digital copy can help you prevent from loosing your memories.


As with most of our services, we try and keep it as affordable as possible. If you find a better deal somewhere else we will try and match it or give you a better option. We truly think that down the road you will thank us for turning your old films into the best advanced technology.





Do not lose your memories due to a VHS tape getting old or going bad. VHS players have pretty much disappeared. We can take your VHS tapes and turn them into the more modern DVD.



Don't lose your memories from old VHS tapes going bad. We can take your VHS tapes and turn them into a digital file on your computer where they can be easy stored on your hard drive and can be used to watch or upload to social media.



Turning DVD to digital helps people to watch their home movies on their computers when they do not have a DVD player. It also helps them to upload them to social media and to have a safe back up copy if disks get scratch.


Starting at $9.95 per tape




Do you have a video of your family singing or telling stories? Would you like to listen to it in your car or on your phone? We can convert all your home movies on VHS tapes to mp3 format.



We can convert all of your home movies on DVD to a MP3 format. This can be great help if you have a film of your family singing or telling stories and would like to be able to play it in your car or on your phone.



Do you have a video of your childhood or your child graduation and would like to share it with the rest of the family? We can make duplicate copies of all your home videos and you can give them to all of your family members or just keep it for a back up copy in case you lose your original.

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