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Chester Jones Technology helps keep your computer running smoother for a longer period of time. Basic computer use overtime can cause your machine to slow down or cause other problems. At Chester Jones Technology, we make sure that your computer gets the basic maintenance it needs to keep you up and running for a longer period of time.


A dirty hard drive can leave you and your computer at risk. For example, when you visit a website your computer receives a cookie. If you have ever noticed, after leaving a website and going to another one, you will see items or searches related to what you looked at on a previous site. This is because; the other website saw the cookie that was left from the first website.


At Chester Jones Technology, we have all kinds of plans including a bundle to help keep your computer up and running more smoothly. 





We can remotely clean up your cookies, your internet history, temporary internet files, empty your recycle bin, clean your system memory dumps, thumb mail cache, and much more.



Using advanced technology, we can remotely run and scan your computer for registry errors that could possibly be slowing it down. We can also remove the left over pieces of your registry to make sure your computer can run as smoothly as possible. 



We can remotely defrag your computer to make sure that all the files are rearranged on your computer to help make it run more efficiently. This helps the computer to take less time looking for files in your computer.


Prices starting at $7.99 a month or $85.88 a year per computer.

For business with a high amount of computers please request a quote.




We can run audits on your computer that will help you keep track of the software and hardware that is in your computer. This can be useful when your computer fails to run properly. In extension, we can examine your audits to see if we can find anything that could possible change in your machine.



Keeping your computer up to date with the latest software is important. This can help keep hackers out of your computer as well as fix bugs in older software that could keep your computer from running correctly.



We have several types of protection packages that can help keep your computer safer. This can help keep viruses such as Trojans from destroying your machine or keep spyware from getting to your personal information.

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