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Google Apps is a great tool for any business. Google Apps will let any business user have the ability to send and receive emails with their own professional address. Google Apps will also allow businesses to share and edit documents, save files in the cloud, have meetings virtually, and so much more.


Chester Jones Technology will take all the headaches associated with setting up your Google Apps. We will add all your employees and have them ready to log in. We will also take the responsibility of resetting any passwords if one of your members forgets theirs. If we are maintaining your domain we will make sure your domain gets set up properly. If we do not own it we will make sure you get the information you need to get it set up.


Prices vary depending on how many mailboxes you need and other factors as well. For the best possible price please submit a quote and we will get back to you soon as possible.





Let everyone know you are legit! With Gmail you and your employees can send and receive emails with your own professional domain. 



Create and share documents with all your clients! One advantage of Google Drive is that two people can work on the same document at the same time. With Google Drive your documents are stored in the cloud which means if your equipment goes out your documents can still be recovered. 




Google Hangouts will let you have virtual meetings via your webcam across the country. What does that mean for your business is that,  you and your employees will no longer have to travel to a meeting again. 



Create and share calendars with all your clients! Easily let them know about meetings, upcoming promotions, and other issues. You can even create your own personal calendar to keep up with your to do list.

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